Package org.apache.poi.xssf.extractor

Class Summary
XSSFBEventBasedExcelExtractor Implementation of a text extractor or xlsb Excel files that uses SAX-like binary parsing.
XSSFEventBasedExcelExtractor Implementation of a text extractor from OOXML Excel files that uses SAX event based parsing.
XSSFExcelExtractor Helper class to extract text from an OOXML Excel file
XSSFExportToXml Maps an XLSX to an XML according to one of the mapping defined.
XSSFImportFromXML Imports data from an external XML to an XLSX according to one of the mappings defined.The output XML Schema must respect this limitations: the input XML must be valid according to the XML Schema used in the mapping denormalized table mapping is not supported (see OpenOffice part 4: chapter all the namespaces used in the document must be declared in the root node