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Provides classes that implement policies for a Datacenter to select a Host to place or migrate a VM, based on some criteria defined by each class.
Provides VmAllocationPolicy implementations that enables VM migration.
Provides DatacenterBroker classes that act on behalf of a cloud customer, attending his/her requests for creation and destruction of Cloudlets and VMs, assigning such Cloudlets to specific VMs.
Provides Cloudlet implementations, that represent an application that will run inside a Vm.
Provides network-enabled Cloudlet implementations.
Provides core classes used just internally by CloudSim Plus, except the CloudSim class that is the start point and main class used to run simulations.
Provides classes used by the core message passing mechanisms.
Provides Datacenter implementations, that represents a physical Cloud Datacenter and contains a set of Host that together provide the basic cloud infrastructure.
Provides network-enabled Datacenter implementations.
Provides Pseudo-Random Number Generators (PRNG) following several statistical distributions used by the simulation API.
Provides Host implementations that represent a Physical Machine (PM) is used to run Vm from different cloud customers (represented by a DatacenterBroker).
Provides network-enabled Host implementations.
Provides classes to define network assets, such as different kinds of AbstractSwitch and also the NetworkTopology that can be specified in some standard file format and read using a implementation of TopologyReader.
Provides classes that implement the Switch interface to allow creating Network Switches that compose a network topology.
Provides classes that implement the NetworkTopology interface to allow defining a network topology.
Provides classes that implement the TopologyReader interface to allow defining a Network Topology from the specifications inside a file in some specific format.
Provides classes and interfaces for the power-consumption module.
Provides classes and interfaces for modeling how physical or virtual elements consume power.
Provides ResourceProvisioner implementations that define policies used by a Host to manage the allocation of some resource for its VMs, such as Ram, Bandwidth or Pe.
Provides classes that represent different physical and logical Resource used by simulation objects such as Hosts and VMs.
Provides processor schedulers implementations to enable multiple processes to run on some CPU cores (Pe).
Provides CloudletScheduler implementations that are used to schedule the execution of multiple Cloudlet inside a given Vm.
Provides CloudletTaskScheduler implementations to perform network packet dispatching by a regular CloudletScheduler.
Provides VmScheduler implementations that are used to schedule the execution of multiple Vm inside a given Host.
Provides VmSelectionPolicy implementations that define policies to be used by a Host to select a Vm to migrate from a list of VMs.
Provides general purpose, helper classes used internally by CloudSim Plus.
Provides classes that model utilization of resources such as CPU, Ram and Bandwidth, defining how a given resource is used by a Cloudlet along the simulation time.
Provides implementations of Virtual Machines (Vm) which are a software package that emulate the architecture of a physical machine.
Provides network-enabled Vm implementations.
Provides classes to enable horizontal and vertical scaling of VMs in order to, respectively, adapt resource requirements to current workload and to balance load across different VMs.
Provides ResourceScaling classes that are used by a VerticalVmScaling to define how the scaling of a Resource it is in charge will be performed.
Provides Builder classes that implement the Builder Design Pattern to allow instantiating multiple simulation objects more easily.
Provides Table classes that are used to format simulation results in different and structured ways such as ASCII, CSV or HTML tables.
Provides classes to inject random faults during simulation runtime.
Provides a set of interfaces and classes to develop heuristics to find sub-optimal solutions for problems, considering some utility function that has to be minimized or maximized.
Provides EventListener implementations to enable event notifications during simulation execution.
Provides classes to load SLA contracts from JSON files, according to the format defined by the AWS Cloudwatch.
Provides base classes to enable implementing testbeds in a repeatable manner, allowing a researcher to execute several simulation runs for a given experiment and collect statistical data using a scientific approach.
Provides classes to process trace files in different formats such as the Google Cluster Data.
Provides classes to process trace files from Google Cluster Data that create objects such as Hosts and Cloudlets from such files.
Provides general-purpose, utility classes.
Provides template classes which enable reading VM configurations from a JSON file, representing actual types of VMs available in real Cloud Providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).