Class VmAllocationPolicyMigrationWorstFitStaticThreshold

All Implemented Interfaces:
VmAllocationPolicyMigration, VmAllocationPolicy

public class VmAllocationPolicyMigrationWorstFitStaticThreshold extends VmAllocationPolicyMigrationStaticThreshold
A VmAllocationPolicy that uses a Static CPU utilization Threshold (THR) to detect host under and VmAllocationPolicyMigrationStaticThreshold.getOverUtilizationThreshold(Host) over} utilization.

It's a Worst Fit policy which selects the Host having the least used amount of CPU MIPS to place a given VM, disregarding energy consumption.

CloudSim Plus 1.0
Anton Beloglazov, Manoel Campos da Silva Filho
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    • findHostForVmInternal

      protected Optional<Host> findHostForVmInternal(Vm vm, Stream<Host> hostStream)
      Gets the Host having the most available MIPS capacity (min used MIPS).

      This method is ignoring the additional filtering performed by the super class. This way, Host selection is performed ignoring energy consumption. However, all the basic filters defined in the super class are ensured, since this method is called just after they are applied.

      findHostForVmInternal in class VmAllocationPolicyMigrationAbstract
      vm - the VM to find a Host to be placed into
      hostStream - a Stream containing the Hosts after passing the basic filtering
      an Optional containing a suitable Host to place the VM or an empty Optional if not found
      See Also:
      • VmAllocationPolicyMigrationAbstract.findHostForVm(Vm, Set)