Interface TimeZoned

All Known Subinterfaces:
Datacenter, Vm
All Known Implementing Classes:
DatacenterSimple, NetworkDatacenter, NetworkVm, VmGroup, VmSimple

public interface TimeZoned
An interface to be implemented by objects that are physically placed into some time zone, such as Datacenter and Vm.
CloudSim Plus 4.6.0
Manoel Campos da Silva Filho
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    • getTimeZone

      double getTimeZone()
      Gets the time zone offset, a value between [MIN_TIME_ZONE_OFFSET and MAX_TIME_ZONE_OFFSET], in which the object is physically located.
      the time zone offset
    • setTimeZone

      TimeZoned setTimeZone(double timeZone)
      Sets the time zone offset between [MIN_TIME_ZONE_OFFSET and MAX_TIME_ZONE_OFFSET].
      timeZone - the new time zone offset
    • validateTimeZone

      default double validateTimeZone(double timeZone)
    • closestDatacenter

      static Datacenter closestDatacenter(Vm vm, List<Datacenter> datacenters)
      Selects the Datacenter closest to a given Vm, based on their timezone. It considers the Datacenter list is already sorted by timezone.
      vm - to Vm to try place into the closest Datacenter
      datacenters - the list of available Datacenters, sorted by timezone
      the first selected Datacenter
    • distance

      default double distance(TimeZoned other)
      Computes the distance between this and other TimeZoned object, considering their timezone offset values.
      other - the other TimeZoned object to check the distance to
      a positive integer value representing the distance between the objects
    • format

      static String format(double timeZone)