Package org.cloudbus.cloudsim.resources

package org.cloudbus.cloudsim.resources
Provides classes that represent different physical and logical Resource used by simulation objects such as Hosts and VMs.

There are different interfaces that enable the existence of resources with different features such as if the capacity of the resource can be changed after defined, if the resource can be managed (meaning that some amount of it can be allocated or freed in runtime), etc.

The most basic resources are HarddriveStorage, Ram, Bandwidth, Pe and File.

Manoel Campos da Silva Filho
  • Class
    Represents the Bandwidth (BW) capacity of a PM or VM in Megabits/s.
    Implements the storage logic for a Datacenter.
    A class for representing a physical file in a DataCloud environment
    Stores related information regarding to a File entity.
    An interface which defines the desired functionality of a storage system in a Data Cloud that performs operations on a file system, such as file inclusion, exclusion and renaming.
    An implementation of a Hard Drive (HD) storage device with a specific capacity (in Megabytes).
    A interface to be implemented by each class that provides the basic features of a virtual or physical Processing Element (PE) of a PM or VM.
    Status of PEs.
    Pe (Processing Element) class represents a CPU core of a physical machine (PM), defined in terms of Millions Instructions Per Second (MIPS) rating.
    A Central Unit Processing (CPU) attached to a Vm and which can have multiple cores (Pes).
    Represents the RAM resource of a PM or VM in Megabytes.
    An interface to represent a physical or virtual resource (like RAM, CPU or Bandwidth) that doesn't provide direct features to change allocated amount of resource.
    An abstract implementation of a Resource.
    An interface to allow getting the capacity of a given resource.
    An interface to be implemented by a machine such as a Host or Vm, that provides a polymorphic way to access a given resource like Ram, Bandwidth, SimpleStorage or Pe from a List containing such different resources.
    An interface to represent a physical or virtual resource (like RAM, CPU or Bandwidth) with features to manage resource capacity and allocation.
    A class that represents simple resources such as RAM, CPU, Bandwidth or Pe.
    SanStorage represents a Storage Area Network (SAN) composed of a set of hard disks connected in a LAN.
    A simple storage that just manages the device capacity and raw allocated (used) space (in Megabytes).