Interface HostUpdatesVmsProcessingEventInfo

All Superinterfaces:
EventInfo, HostEventInfo

public interface HostUpdatesVmsProcessingEventInfo extends HostEventInfo
An interface that represents data to be passed to EventListener objects that are registered to be notified after a Host updates the processing of its VMs.
CloudSim Plus 1.0
Manoel Campos da Silva Filho
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  • Method Details

    • getNextCloudletCompletionTime

      double getNextCloudletCompletionTime()
      Gets the expected completion time of the next finishing cloudlet.
    • of

      static HostUpdatesVmsProcessingEventInfo of(EventListener<HostUpdatesVmsProcessingEventInfo> listener, Host host, double nextCloudletCompletionTime)
      Gets a HostUpdatesVmsProcessingEventInfo instance from the given parameters.
      listener - the listener to be notified about the event
      host - the Host where the event happened
      nextCloudletCompletionTime - the expected time for completion of the next Cloudlet