Package org.cloudbus.cloudsim.hosts

package org.cloudbus.cloudsim.hosts
Provides Host implementations that represent a Physical Machine (PM) is used to run Vm from different cloud customers (represented by a DatacenterBroker).

As each Host can run several VMs, the scheduling of such VMs on the Host's CPU cores (Pe) is defined by a VmScheduler.

The most basic Host is the HostSimple.

Specific Host implementations can be power- or network-aware, enabling the simulation of power consumption and network communication. For more information see org.cloudbus.cloudsim.datacenters package documentation.

Manoel Campos da Silva Filho
  • Class
    An interface to be implemented by each class that provides Physical Machines (Hosts) features.
    A Host class that implements the most basic features of a Physical Machine (PM) inside a Datacenter.
    Keeps historic CPU utilization data about a host.
    A class that stores information about the suitability of a Host for placing a Vm.