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Package Description
Do you want to implement your own Truffle based language? In such case start here.
The debug package contains a debugger API that can be used to install breakpoints, step through and control the execution of Truffle guest language applications.
Domain specific language that allows to specify specializing AST nodes in a declarative way.
This package contains a Truffle exception base class.
Package containing stack frame representation classes.
The instrumentation API provides a way to introspect and inject behavior into interpreters written using the Truffle framework.
This package contains classes that specify the contract for inter-operability between Truffle guest languages and tools.
This package contains I/O related classes used by TruffleLanguage implementations.
This package contains memory related classes used by TruffleLanguage implementations.
Abstract syntax tree nodes are the basic building block for your TruffleLanguage.
Dynamic object storage model.
A profile is a Truffle utility class that uses the Truffle compiler directives to guard for and/or forward runtime information to the compiler.
Represents a source file.
Various utility classes that aim to make the development of TruffleLanguage guest languages easier.
Other Packages 
Package Description
Truffle Libraries allow language implementations to use polymorphic dispatch for receiver types with support for implementation specific caching/profiling and customization of the dispatch.
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