package util

Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, Any
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  1. util
  2. AnyRef
  3. Any
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Type Members

  1. trait ByteVectorInstances extends AnyRef

  2. sealed class CaseInsensitiveString extends CharSequence

  3. final class CaseInsensitiveStringOps extends AnyVal

  4. trait CaseInsensitiveStringSyntax extends AnyRef

  5. trait OptionOps[A] extends Ops[Option[A]]

  6. trait OptionSyntax extends AnyRef

  7. trait Renderable extends Any

    Mixin that makes a type writable by a Writer without needing a Renderer instance

  8. trait Renderer[T] extends AnyRef

    A type class that describes how to efficiently render a type

  9. trait StringOps extends Ops[String]

  10. trait StringSyntax extends CaseInsensitiveStringSyntax

  11. class StringWriter extends Writer

    Writer that will result in a String

  12. trait TaskFunctions extends AnyRef

  13. trait Writer extends AnyRef

    Efficiently accumulate Renderable representations

Value Members

  1. object CaseInsensitiveString extends CaseInsensitiveStringSyntax

  2. object Renderable

  3. object Renderer

  4. object TrampolineExecutionContext extends AbstractExecutorService with ExecutionContextExecutorService

  5. object UrlCodingUtils extends UrlCodingUtils

  6. object UrlFormCodec

  7. object Writer

  8. def bug(message: String): AssertionError

    Constructs an assertion error with a reference back to our issue tracker.

    Constructs an assertion error with a reference back to our issue tracker. Use only with head hung low.

  9. object byteVector extends ByteVectorInstances

  10. def decode(charset: Charset): Process1[ByteVector, String]


    Temporary. Contribute back to scalaz-stream.

  11. object option extends OptionSyntax

  12. object string extends StringSyntax

  13. object task extends TaskFunctions

  14. object threads

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