package syntax

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  1. syntax
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Type Members

  1. trait AllSyntax extends ServiceSyntax with StringSyntax with TaskResponseSyntax with TaskRequestSyntax

  2. final class ServiceOps[A] extends AnyRef

  3. trait ServiceSyntax extends AnyRef

  4. final class StringOps extends AnyVal

  5. trait StringSyntax extends AnyRef

  6. trait TaskMessageOps[M <: Message] extends MessageOps

  7. final class TaskRequestOps extends AnyVal with TaskMessageOps[Request] with RequestOps

  8. trait TaskRequestSyntax extends AnyRef

  9. final class TaskResponseOps extends AnyVal with TaskMessageOps[Response] with ResponseOps

  10. trait TaskResponseSyntax extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object all extends AllSyntax

  2. object service extends ServiceSyntax

  3. object string extends StringSyntax

  4. object taskRequest extends TaskRequestSyntax

  5. object taskResponse extends TaskResponseSyntax

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