package dsl

Linear Supertypes
Http4s, Http4sSyntax, MessageSyntax, CaseInsensitiveStringSyntax, Http4sFunctions, UriFunctions, QValueFunctions, Http4sInstances, StatusInstances, MethodInstances, QValueInstances, CharsetRangeInstances, EntityEncoderInstances, EntityEncoderInstances0, HttpVersionInstances, EntityDecoderInstances, AnyRef, Any
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  1. dsl
  2. Http4s
  3. Http4sSyntax
  4. MessageSyntax
  5. CaseInsensitiveStringSyntax
  6. Http4sFunctions
  7. UriFunctions
  8. QValueFunctions
  9. Http4sInstances
  10. StatusInstances
  11. MethodInstances
  12. QValueInstances
  13. CharsetRangeInstances
  14. EntityEncoderInstances
  15. EntityEncoderInstances0
  16. HttpVersionInstances
  17. EntityDecoderInstances
  18. AnyRef
  19. Any
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Type Members

  1. final case class /(parent: Path, child: String) extends Path with Product with Serializable

  2. implicit final class AcceptedSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  3. implicit final class AlreadyReportedSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  4. implicit final class BadGatewaySyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  5. implicit final class BadRequestSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  6. implicit final class ConflictSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  7. implicit final class ContinueSyntax extends AnyVal with EmptyResponseGenerator

  8. implicit final class CreatedSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  9. implicit final class ExpectationFailedSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  10. implicit final class FailedDependencySyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  11. implicit final class ForbiddenSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  12. implicit final class FoundSyntax extends AnyVal with LocationResponseGenerator

  13. implicit final class GatewayTimeoutSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  14. implicit final class GoneSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  15. implicit final class HttpVersionNotSupportedSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  16. implicit final class IMUsedSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  17. implicit final class InsufficientStorageSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  18. implicit final class InternalServerErrorSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  19. implicit final class LengthRequiredSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  20. implicit final class LockedSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  21. implicit final class LoopDetectedSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  22. class MethodConcat extends AnyRef

  23. implicit final class MethodConcatOps extends AnyVal

  24. implicit final class MethodNotAllowedSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  25. implicit final class MethodOps extends AnyVal

  26. implicit final class MovedPermanentlySyntax extends AnyVal with LocationResponseGenerator

  27. implicit final class MultipleChoicesSyntax extends AnyVal with LocationResponseGenerator

  28. implicit final class Multiyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  29. implicit final class NetworkAuthenticationRequiredSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  30. implicit final class NoContentSyntax extends AnyVal with EmptyResponseGenerator

  31. implicit final class NonAuthoritativeInformationSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  32. implicit final class NotAcceptableSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  33. implicit final class NotExtendedSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  34. implicit final class NotFoundSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  35. implicit final class NotImplementedSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  36. implicit final class NotModifiedSyntax extends AnyVal with EmptyResponseGenerator

  37. class NumericPathVar[A <: AnyVal] extends AnyRef

  38. implicit final class OkSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  39. abstract class OptionalMultiQueryParamDecoderMatcher[T] extends AnyRef

    Capture a query parameter that appears 0 or more times.

  40. abstract class OptionalQueryParamDecoderMatcher[T] extends AnyRef

  41. abstract class OptionalQueryParamMatcher[T] extends OptionalQueryParamDecoderMatcher[T]

  42. abstract class OptionalValidatingQueryParamDecoderMatcher[T] extends AnyRef

    param extractor using org.http4s.QueryParamDecoder.

  43. implicit final class PartialContentSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  44. abstract class Path extends AnyRef

    Base class for path extractors.

  45. implicit final class PayloadTooLargeSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  46. implicit final class PaymentRequiredSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  47. implicit final class PermanentRedirectSyntax extends AnyVal with LocationResponseGenerator

  48. implicit final class PreconditionFailedSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  49. implicit final class PreconditionRequiredSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  50. implicit final class ProxyAuthenticationRequiredSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  51. abstract class QueryParamDecoderMatcher[T] extends AnyRef

    param extractor using QueryParamDecoder:

  52. abstract class QueryParamMatcher[T] extends QueryParamDecoderMatcher[T]

    param extractor using QueryParamDecoder:

  53. implicit final class RangeNotSatisfiableSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  54. implicit final class RequestHeaderFieldsTooLargeSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  55. implicit final class RequestTimeoutSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  56. implicit final class ResetContentSyntax extends AnyVal with EmptyResponseGenerator

  57. implicit final class SeeOtherSyntax extends AnyVal with LocationResponseGenerator

  58. implicit final class ServiceUnavailableSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  59. implicit final class SwitchingProtocolsSyntax extends AnyVal with EmptyResponseGenerator

  60. implicit final class TemporaryRedirectSyntax extends AnyVal with LocationResponseGenerator

  61. implicit final class TooManyRequestsSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  62. implicit final class UnauthorizedSyntax extends AnyVal with WwwAuthenticateResponseGenerator

  63. implicit final class UnavailableForLegalReasonsSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  64. implicit final class UnprocessableEntitySyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  65. implicit final class UnsupportedMediaTypeSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  66. implicit final class UpgradeRequiredSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  67. implicit final class UriTooLongSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

  68. abstract class ValidatingQueryParamDecoderMatcher[T] extends AnyRef

    param extractor using org.http4s.QueryParamDecoder.

  69. implicit final class VariantAlsoNegotiatesSyntax extends AnyVal with EntityResponseGenerator

Value Members

  1. object +&

    Multiple param extractor:

  2. object ->

  3. object /:

    Path separator extractor:

  4. object :?

  5. val Accepted: Status.Accepted.type

  6. val AlreadyReported: Status.AlreadyReported.type

  7. val BadGateway: Status.BadGateway.type

  8. val BadRequest: Status.BadRequest.type

  9. val CONNECT: Method.CONNECT

  10. implicit val CharacterSetEqual: Equal[CharsetRange]

    Definition Classes
  11. implicit val CharsetShow: Show[Charset]

    Definition Classes
  12. val Conflict: Status.Conflict.type

  13. val Continue: Status.Continue.type

  14. val Created: Status.Created.type

  15. val DELETE: Method.DELETE

  16. val ExpectationFailed: Status.ExpectationFailed.type

  17. val FailedDependency: Status.FailedDependency.type

  18. val Forbidden: Status.Forbidden.type

  19. val Found: Status.Found.type

  20. val GET: Method.GET

  21. val GatewayTimeout: Status.GatewayTimeout.type

  22. val Gone: Status.Gone.type

  23. val HEAD: Method.HEAD

  24. val HttpVersionNotSupported: Status.HttpVersionNotSupported.type

  25. implicit val HttpVersionOrder: Order[HttpVersion]

    Definition Classes
  26. implicit val HttpVersionShow: Show[HttpVersion]

    Definition Classes
  27. val IMUsed: Status.IMUsed.type

  28. val InsufficientStorage: Status.InsufficientStorage.type

  29. object IntVar extends NumericPathVar[Int]

    Integer extractor of a path variable:

  30. val InternalServerError: Status.InternalServerError.type

  31. val LengthRequired: Status.LengthRequired.type

  32. val Locked: Status.Locked.type

  33. object LongVar extends NumericPathVar[Long]

    Long extractor of a path variable:

  34. val LoopDetected: Status.LoopDetected.type

  35. implicit val MethodInstances: Show[Method] with Equal[Method]

    Definition Classes
  36. val MethodNotAllowed: Status.MethodNotAllowed.type

  37. val MovedPermanently: Status.MovedPermanently.type

  38. val MultiStatus: Status.MultiStatus.type

  39. val MultipleChoices: Status.MultipleChoices.type

  40. val NetworkAuthenticationRequired: Status.NetworkAuthenticationRequired.type

  41. val NoContent: Status.NoContent.type

  42. val NonAuthoritativeInformation: Status.NonAuthoritativeInformation.type

  43. val NotAcceptable: Status.NotAcceptable.type

  44. val NotExtended: Status.NotExtended.type

  45. val NotFound: Status.NotFound.type

  46. val NotImplemented: Status.NotImplemented.type

  47. val NotModified: Status.NotModified.type

  48. val OPTIONS: Method.OPTIONS

  49. val Ok: Status.Ok.type

  50. val PATCH: Method.PATCH

  51. val POST: Method.POST

  52. val PUT: Method.PUT

  53. val PartialContent: Status.PartialContent.type

  54. object Path

  55. val PayloadTooLarge: Status.PayloadTooLarge.type

  56. val PaymentRequired: Status.PaymentRequired.type

  57. val PermanentRedirect: Status.PermanentRedirect.type

  58. val PreconditionFailed: Status.PreconditionFailed.type

  59. val PreconditionRequired: Status.PreconditionRequired.type

  60. val Processing: Status.Processing.type

  61. val ProxyAuthenticationRequired: Status.ProxyAuthenticationRequired.type

  62. val RangeNotSatisfiable: Status.RangeNotSatisfiable.type

  63. val RequestHeaderFieldsTooLarge: Status.RequestHeaderFieldsTooLarge.type

  64. val RequestTimeout: Status.RequestTimeout.type

  65. val ResetContent: Status.ResetContent.type

  66. object Root extends Path with Product with Serializable

    Root extractor:

  67. val SeeOther: Status.SeeOther.type

  68. val ServiceUnavailable: Status.ServiceUnavailable.type

  69. implicit val StatusOrder: Order[Status]

    Definition Classes
  70. implicit val StatusShow: Show[Status]

    Definition Classes
  71. val SwitchingProtocols: Status.SwitchingProtocols.type

  72. val TRACE: Method.TRACE

  73. val TemporaryRedirect: Status.TemporaryRedirect.type

  74. implicit def ToCaseInsensitiveStringSyntax(cs: CharSequence): CaseInsensitiveStringOps

    Definition Classes
  75. val TooManyRequests: Status.TooManyRequests.type

  76. val Unauthorized: Status.Unauthorized.type

  77. val UnavailableForLegalReasons: Status.UnavailableForLegalReasons.type

  78. val UnprocessableEntity: Status.UnprocessableEntity.type

  79. val UnsupportedMediaType: Status.UnsupportedMediaType.type

  80. val UpgradeRequired: Status.UpgradeRequired.type

  81. val UriTooLong: Status.UriTooLong.type

  82. val UseProxy: Status.UseProxy.type

  83. val VariantAlsoNegotiates: Status.VariantAlsoNegotiates.type

  84. object as

  85. def binFile(file: File): EntityDecoder[File]

    Definition Classes
  86. implicit val binary: EntityDecoder[ByteVector]

    Definition Classes
  87. implicit val byteArrayEncoder: EntityEncoder[Array[Byte]]

    Definition Classes
  88. implicit val byteBufferEncoder: EntityEncoder[ByteBuffer]

    Definition Classes
  89. implicit val byteVectorEncoder: EntityEncoder[ByteVector]

    Definition Classes
  90. implicit def charArrayEncoder(implicit charset: Charset): EntityEncoder[Array[Char]]

    Definition Classes
  91. implicit def charBufferEncoder(implicit charset: Charset): EntityEncoder[CharBuffer]

    Definition Classes
  92. def chunkedEncoder[A](f: (A) ⇒ Channel[Task, Int, ByteVector], chunkSize: Int): EntityEncoder[A]

    Definition Classes
  93. def emptyEncoder[A]: EntityEncoder[A]

    Definition Classes
  94. implicit val entityEncoderContravariant: Contravariant[EntityEncoder]

    Definition Classes
  95. def error[T](t: Throwable): EntityDecoder[T]

    Definition Classes
  96. implicit val fileEncoder: EntityEncoder[File]

    Definition Classes
  97. implicit val filePathEncoder: EntityEncoder[java.nio.file.Path]

    Definition Classes
  98. implicit def futureEncoder[A](implicit W: EntityEncoder[A], ec: ExecutionContext): EntityEncoder[Future[A]]

    Definition Classes
  99. package impl

  100. implicit def inputStreamEncoder[A <: InputStream]: EntityEncoder[A]

    Definition Classes
  101. implicit def multipart: EntityDecoder[Multipart]

    Definition Classes
  102. implicit val multipartEncoder: EntityEncoder[Multipart]

    Definition Classes
  103. implicit def naturalTransformationEncoder[F[_], A](implicit N: ~>[F, Task], W: EntityEncoder[A]): EntityEncoder[F[A]]

    Definition Classes
  104. implicit def process0Encoder[A](implicit W: EntityEncoder[A]): EntityEncoder[Process0[A]]

    Definition Classes
  105. def q(d: Double): QValue

    Definition Classes
    @macroImpl( ... )
  106. implicit val qValueOrder: Order[QValue]

    Definition Classes
  107. implicit val qValueShow: Show[QValue]

    Definition Classes
  108. implicit def readerEncoder[A <: Reader](implicit charset: Charset): EntityEncoder[A]

    Definition Classes
  109. def removeDotSegments(path: Uri.Path): Uri.Path

    Definition Classes
  110. implicit def requestSyntax(req: Task[Request]): TaskRequestOps

    Definition Classes
  111. def resolve(base: Uri, reference: Uri): Uri

    Definition Classes
  112. implicit def responseSyntax(resp: Task[Response]): TaskResponseOps

    Definition Classes
  113. implicit val serverSentEventEncoder: EntityEncoder[EventStream]

    Definition Classes
  114. def showEncoder[A](implicit charset: Charset, show: Show[A]): EntityEncoder[A]

    Definition Classes
  115. implicit def sourceEncoder[A](implicit W: EntityEncoder[A]): EntityEncoder[Process[Task, A]]

    Definition Classes
  116. implicit def stringEncoder(implicit charset: Charset): EntityEncoder[String]

    Definition Classes
  117. implicit def taskEncoder[A](implicit W: EntityEncoder[A]): EntityEncoder[Task[A]]

    Definition Classes
  118. implicit def text(implicit defaultCharset: Charset): EntityDecoder[String]

    Definition Classes
  119. def textFile(file: File): EntityDecoder[File]

    Definition Classes
  120. implicit val unitEncoder: EntityEncoder[Unit]

    Definition Classes
  121. def uri(s: String): Uri

    Definition Classes
    @macroImpl( ... )
  122. object ~

    File extension extractor

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