package hal

Describes Hypertext Application Language types and functions

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Type Members

  1. type Embedded[T] = List[EmbeddedDef[T]]

  2. type EmbeddedDef[T] = (String, Either[ResourceObject[T, _], Seq[ResourceObject[T, _]]])

  3. case class LinkObject(href: String, name: Option[String] = None, title: Option[String] = None, templated: Option[Boolean] = None, type: Option[String] = None, deprecation: Option[String] = None, profile: Option[String] = None, hreflang: Option[String] = None) extends LinkObjectLike with Product with Serializable

    Represents the default implementation of a Link Object which all aspects of the specification.

  4. type LinkObjectDef = (String, Either[LinkObject, Seq[LinkObject]])

  5. trait LinkObjectLike extends AnyRef

    A Link Object represents a hyperlink from the containing resource to a URI.

  6. class LinkObjectSerializer extends CustomSerializer[LinkObject]

  7. type Links = List[LinkObjectDef]

  8. case class ResourceObject[T, E](links: Links = Nil, embedded: Embedded[E] = Nil, content: Option[T] = None) extends Product with Serializable

    A Resource Object represents a resource.

    A Resource Object represents a resource.


    contains links to other resources

    The "links" property is OPTIONAL.

    It is an object whose property names are link relation types (as defined by [RFC5988]) and values are either a Link Object or an array of Link Objects. The subject resource of these links is the Resource Object of which the containing "_links" object is a property.


    contains embedded resources

    The "embedded" property is OPTIONAL

    It is an object whose property names are link relation types (as defined by [RFC5988]) and values are either a Resource Object or an array of Resource Objects.

    Embedded Resources MAY be a full, partial, or inconsistent version of the representation served from the target URI.


    represents an object that contains all other properties

    All properties of the content instance will be rendered as JSON, and represent the current state of the resource.

  9. class ResourceObjectBuilder[T, E] extends AnyRef

  10. class ResourceObjectSerializer extends CustomSerializer[ResourceObject[_, _]]

Value Members

  1. object LinkObject extends Serializable

  2. object LinkObjectSerializer

  3. object ResourceObjectSerializer

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