Package org.mockito.internal.configuration

Mockito configuration


Interface Summary
FieldAnnotationProcessor<A extends Annotation> Simple annotation processor interface.

Class Summary
CaptorAnnotationProcessor Instantiate ArgumentCaptor a field annotated by @Captor.
ClassPathLoader Loads configuration or extension points available in the classpath.
DefaultAnnotationEngine Initializes fields annotated with @Mock or @Captor.
DefaultInjectionEngine Inject mock/spies dependencies for fields annotated with @InjectMocks

See MockitoAnnotations

GlobalConfiguration Thread-safe wrapper on user-defined org.mockito.configuration.MockitoConfiguration implementation
InjectingAnnotationEngine See MockitoAnnotations
MockAnnotationProcessor Instantiates a mock on a field annotated by Mock
MockitoAnnotationsMockAnnotationProcessor Instantiates a mock on a field annotated by MockitoAnnotations.Mock
SpyAnnotationEngine Process fields annotated with @Spy.

Package org.mockito.internal.configuration Description

Mockito configuration