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Mockito 2.19.0 API
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call() - Method in interface org.mockito.invocation.InvocationFactory.RealMethodBehavior
callRealMethod() - Method in interface org.mockito.invocation.InvocationOnMock
calls real method
calls(int) - Static method in class org.mockito.Mockito
Allows non-greedy verification in order.
CALLS_REAL_METHODS - Static variable in class org.mockito.Mockito
Optional Answer to be used with Mockito.mock(Class, Answer)
CannotStubVoidMethodWithReturnValue - Exception in org.mockito.exceptions.misusing
CannotStubVoidMethodWithReturnValue(String) - Constructor for exception org.mockito.exceptions.misusing.CannotStubVoidMethodWithReturnValue
CannotVerifyStubOnlyMock - Exception in org.mockito.exceptions.misusing
CannotVerifyStubOnlyMock(String) - Constructor for exception org.mockito.exceptions.misusing.CannotVerifyStubOnlyMock
Captor - Annotation Type in org.mockito
Allows shorthand ArgumentCaptor creation on fields.
capture() - Method in class org.mockito.ArgumentCaptor
Use it to capture the argument.
captureArgumentsFrom(Invocation) - Method in interface org.mockito.invocation.MatchableInvocation
This method is used by Mockito to implement argument captor functionality (see ArgumentCaptor.
charThat(ArgumentMatcher<Character>) - Static method in class org.mockito.ArgumentMatchers
Allows creating custom char argument matchers.
charThat(Matcher<Character>) - Static method in class org.mockito.hamcrest.MockitoHamcrest
Enables integrating hamcrest matchers that match primitive char arguments.
cleansStackTrace() - Method in class org.mockito.configuration.DefaultMockitoConfiguration
cleansStackTrace() - Method in interface org.mockito.configuration.IMockitoConfiguration
This should be turned on unless you're a Mockito developer and you wish to have verbose (read: messy) stack traces that only few understand (eg: Mockito developers)
clearInvocations(T...) - Static method in class org.mockito.Mockito
Use this method in order to only clear invocations, when stubbing is non-trivial.
cmpEq(T) - Static method in class org.mockito.AdditionalMatchers
comparable argument equals to the given value according to their compareTo method.
collectAndReport() - Method in interface org.mockito.junit.VerificationCollector
Collect all lazily verified behaviour.
collector() - Static method in class org.mockito.junit.MockitoJUnit
Creates a rule instance that can perform lazy verifications.
ConsoleSpammingMockitoJUnitRunner - Class in org.mockito.runners
as of 2.1.0. Use the MockitoJUnitRunner runner instead which contains support for detecting unused stubs.

If you still prefer using this runner, tell us why (create ticket in our issue tracker).

ConsoleSpammingMockitoJUnitRunner(Class<?>) - Constructor for class org.mockito.runners.ConsoleSpammingMockitoJUnitRunner
contains(String) - Static method in class org.mockito.ArgumentMatchers
String argument that contains the given substring.
copySelfWithNewVerificationMode(VerificationMode) - Method in class org.mockito.verification.After
copySelfWithNewVerificationMode(VerificationMode) - Method in class org.mockito.verification.Timeout
createInvocation(Object, MockCreationSettings, Method, Callable, Object...) - Method in interface org.mockito.invocation.InvocationFactory
Use InvocationFactory.createInvocation(Object, MockCreationSettings, Method, RealMethodBehavior, Object...) instead. Why deprecated? We found use cases where we need to handle Throwable and ensure correct stack trace filtering (removing Mockito internals from the stack trace). Hence the introduction of InvocationFactory.RealMethodBehavior. Creates instance of an Invocation object. This method is useful for framework integrators to programmatically simulate method calls on mocks using MockHandler. It enables advanced framework integrations.
createInvocation(Object, MockCreationSettings, Method, InvocationFactory.RealMethodBehavior, Object...) - Method in interface org.mockito.invocation.InvocationFactory
Creates instance of an Invocation object.
createMock(MockCreationSettings<T>, MockHandler) - Method in interface org.mockito.plugins.MockMaker
If you want to provide your own implementation of MockMaker this method should: Create a proxy object that implements settings.typeToMock and potentially also settings.extraInterfaces. You may use the information from settings to create/configure your proxy object. Your proxy object should carry the handler with it.
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Mockito 2.19.0 API