package cancelables

Cancelables represent asynchronous units of work or other things scheduled for execution and whose execution can be canceled.

One use-case is the scheduling done by monifu.concurrent.Scheduler, in which the scheduling methods return a Cancelable, allowing the canceling of the scheduling.


val s = ConcurrentScheduler()
val task = s.scheduleRepeated(10.seconds, 50.seconds, {

// later, cancels the scheduling ...
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Type Members

  1. trait BooleanCancelable extends Cancelable

    Represents a Cancelable that can queried for the canceled status.

  2. trait CompositeCancelable extends BooleanCancelable

    Represents a composite of multiple cancelables.

  3. final class MultiAssignmentCancelable extends BooleanCancelable

    Represents a monifu.concurrent.Cancelable whose underlying cancelable reference can be swapped for another.

  4. final class RefCountCancelable extends BooleanCancelable

    Represents a Cancelable that only executes the canceling logic when all dependent cancelable objects have been canceled.

  5. final class SingleAssignmentCancelable extends BooleanCancelable

    Represents a monifu.concurrent.Cancelable that can be assigned only once to another cancelable reference.

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