package concurrent

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Type Members

  1. trait Cancelable extends AnyRef

    Represents an asynchronous computation whose execution can be canceled.

  2. trait Scheduler extends ExecutionContext

    A Scheduler is an scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext that additionally can schedule the execution of units of work to run with a delay or periodically.

  3. final class ThreadLocal[T] extends AnyRef

    Represents a ThreadLocal, a concept that isn't useful on top of a Javascript runtime (since in a JS runtime all variables are thread-local, since it's a single threaded execution model), but having this is useful for cross-compilation purposes.

Value Members

  1. object Cancelable

  2. object Runnable

  3. object Scheduler extends SchedulerCompanion with SchedulerCompanionImpl

  4. object ThreadLocal

  5. package async

  6. package atomic

    A small toolkit of classes that support compare-and-swap semantics for mutation of variables.

  7. package cancelables

    Cancelables represent asynchronous units of work or other things scheduled for execution and whose execution can be canceled.

  8. object extensions

  9. package locks

  10. package schedulers