Package org.parboiled.errors

package org.parboiled.errors
  • Class
    A ParseError wrapping an ActionException.
    Exception that can be thrown by parser actions to signal that an error has occurred that is to be collected in the ParseErrors for the parsing run.
    A basic ParseError implementation for a one-char parse error with an optional error message.
    A Formatter for InvalidInputErrors that automatically creates the correct "expected" text for the error.
    General utility methods regarding parse errors.
    Exception thrown by parboiled if a problem with the integrity of the grammar rules has been detected.
    Exception thrown by the IndentDedentInputbuffer upon detection of an illegal indentation.
    A ParseError describing one or more input characters that are illegal with regard to the underlying language grammar.
    Common interface of all parboiled parse error implementations.
    Exception that is thrown for any problem during the parsing run that cannot be overcome automatically.
    Exception type not directly used by parboiled but included as a convenience base class for custom exceptions (or to be used directly if no custom exception types are required).