• Class
    An immutable, set-like aggregation of (relatively few) characters that allows for an inverted semantic ("all chars except these few").
    Utility methods for grammar integrity checks.
    An implementation of a stack of value objects providing an efficient snapshot capability and a number of convenience methods.
    A simple immutable container for a range of indices into an underlying InputBuffer.
    A simple Node predicate determining whether a Node matches a given label prefix.
    Holds a snapshot of the current Matcher stack at a certain point during the parsing process.
    A simple Formatter that provides String representation for parse tree nodes.
    General utility methods for operating on parse trees.
    A simple container encapsulating the result of a parsing run.
    Simple container class for a line/column position in the input text.
    Simple specialization of a Var for StringBuilders.
    Simple specialization of a Var for Strings.
    A simple Formatter falling back to the objects toString() method.
    A ValueStack is a stack implementation for parser values.
    This class provides a "local variable"-like construct for action expressions in parser rule methods.