class FopResourceResolver[F[_]](input: Seq[BinaryInput[F]], dispatcher: Dispatcher[F])(implicit evidence$1: Async[F]) extends ResourceResolver

Adapter for the ResourceResolver API of Apache FOP, allowing Laika to serve any kind of InputStream from its static input documents, including in-memory content or classpath resources, for which FOP does not have any support built in.

The synchronous, blocking, and non-RT APIs of Apache FOP require the use of a cats-effect Dispatcher.

Note that this involves a small risk of resources leaking as Laika has to rely on Apache FOP for closing the InputStream, there is no way to know when it would be safe to do that within Laika.

trait ResourceResolver
class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Value members

Concrete methods

def getOutputStream(uri: URI): OutputStream
def getResource(uri: URI): Resource