package control

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Type Members

  1. class Breaks extends AnyRef

    A class that can be instantiated for the break control abstraction.

  2. trait ControlThrowable extends Throwable with NoStackTrace

    A marker trait indicating that the Throwable it is mixed into is intended for flow control.

  3. trait NoStackTrace extends Throwable

    A trait for exceptions which, for efficiency reasons, do not fill in the stack trace.

Value Members

  1. object Breaks extends Breaks

    An object that can be used for the break control abstraction.

  2. object Exception

    Classes representing the components of exception handling.

  3. object NoStackTrace extends Serializable

  4. object NonFatal

    Extractor of non-fatal Throwables.

  5. object TailCalls

    Methods exported by this object implement tail calls via trampolining.