package skel

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Type Members

  1. abstract class AtomicArray[T] extends collection.mutable.IndexedSeq[T] with ArrayLike[T, AtomicArray[T]]

    AtomicArray implements a fixed-length indexed sequence where reads and writes have volatile semantics.

  2. trait AtomicArrayBuilder[A] extends Builder[A, AtomicArray[A]]

  3. class SimpleRandom extends AnyRef

    An clonable unsynchronized random number generator that uses the same algorithm as the concurrent object SimpleRandom.

  4. class StubInTxn extends InTxn

  5. class StubSTMImpl extends STMImpl

Value Members

  1. object AtomicArray

  2. object AtomicArrayBuilder

  3. object SimpleRandom

    A random number generator that focuses on speed and lack of inter-thread interference, rather than on the quality of the numbers returned.