package s2j

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Type Members

  1. class BufferWrapper[A] extends MutableSeqWrapper[A] with Serializable

  2. sealed trait Coercible[-A, +B] extends AnyRef

  3. trait Implicits extends AnyRef

  4. class IterableWrapper[A] extends AbstractCollection[A] with Serializable

  5. class IteratorWrapper[A] extends Iterator[A] with Enumeration[A]

  6. class LinearSeqWrapper[A] extends List[A] with Serializable

  7. trait LowPriorityCoercible extends AnyRef

  8. class MapWrapper[A, B] extends AbstractMap[A, B] with Serializable

  9. abstract class MutableIteratorWrapper[A] extends IteratorWrapper[A]

  10. class MutableMapDictionaryWrapper[A, B] extends Dictionary[A, B] with Serializable

  11. class MutableMapWrapper[A, B] extends AbstractMap[A, B] with Serializable

  12. class MutableSeqWrapper[A] extends SeqWrapper[A] with Serializable

  13. class MutableSetWrapper[A] extends SetWrapper[A] with Serializable

  14. class SeqWrapper[A] extends AbstractList[A] with Serializable

  15. class SetWrapper[A] extends AbstractSet[A] with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object Coercible extends LowPriorityCoercible

  2. object Implicits extends Implicits

  3. object MapWrapper extends Serializable