package api

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Type Members

  1. case class Level(level: Int, name: Option[String] = scala.None) extends Product with Serializable

  2. class Logger extends AnyRef

    The main application interface into timber.

  3. trait LoggerFactory[+T <: Logger] extends AnyRef

    This class gives you a way to create Logger classes.

  4. trait Logging[+T <: Logger] extends AnyRef

    This is a convenient way to expose a log member to classes that need to log and pull in the implicits that are needed for normal logging patterns.

  5. class Message extends AnyRef

    Message represents the textual content of the log entry.

  6. trait Tag extends AnyRef

    This trait has no significance other than marking classes that can be used as tags in timber.

Value Members

  1. object Level extends Serializable

  2. object LoggingContext

  3. object Message

    Message contains some "static" functions that are useful to consumers of the API.

  4. package impl

  5. package style