package syslog

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  1. syslog
  2. AnyRef
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Type Members

  1. trait Alert extends api.Logger

  2. trait Critical extends api.Logger

  3. trait Debug extends api.Logger with log4j.Debug

  4. trait Emergency extends api.Logger

  5. trait Error extends api.Logger with log4j.Error

  6. trait Info extends api.Logger with log4j.Info

  7. class Logger extends api.Logger with Emergency with Alert with Critical with Error with Warning with Notice with Info with Debug

  8. class LoggerFactory extends api.LoggerFactory[Logger]

  9. trait Logging extends api.Logging[Logger]

  10. trait Notice extends api.Logger

  11. trait Warning extends api.Logger

Value Members

  1. object Level

  2. object LoggerFactory extends LoggerFactory

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