package std

Type Class instances for data structures in the Scala and Java standard libraries.

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  1. std
  2. AnyRef
  3. Any
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Type Members

  1. trait AllFunctions extends ListFunctions with OptionFunctions with StreamFunctions with BooleanFunctions with OrderingFunctions with StringFunctions with FunctionFunctions
  2. trait AllInstances extends AnyValInstances with FunctionInstances with ListInstances with MapInstances with OptionInstances with SetInstances with StringInstances with StreamInstances with TupleInstances with VectorInstances with FutureInstances with EitherInstances with PartialFunctionInstances with TypeConstraintInstances with BigDecimalInstances with BigInts with std.math.OrderingInstances with with BigIntegerInstances with EnumInstances with CallableInstances
  3. trait AnyValInstances extends AnyRef
  4. trait BooleanFunctions extends AnyRef
  5. trait DoubleFunctions extends AnyRef
  6. trait EitherInstances extends EitherInstances0
  7. sealed trait EitherInstances0 extends AnyRef
  8. trait FloatFunctions extends AnyRef
  9. trait FunctionFunctions extends AnyRef
  10. trait FunctionInstances extends FunctionInstances0
  11. sealed trait FunctionInstances0 extends FunctionInstances1
  12. sealed trait FunctionInstances1 extends AnyRef
  13. trait FutureInstances extends FutureInstances1
  14. trait FutureInstances1 extends AnyRef
  15. trait IntFunctions extends AnyRef
  16. trait IterableInstances extends AnyRef
  17. trait ListFunctions extends AnyRef
  18. trait ListInstances extends ListInstances0
  19. trait ListInstances0 extends AnyRef
  20. trait LongFunctions extends AnyRef
  21. trait MapFunctions extends MapSubFunctions with MapSubMap
  22. trait MapInstances extends MapSubInstances with MapSubMap
  23. trait MapSub extends AnyRef
  24. trait MapSubFunctions extends MapSub
  25. trait MapSubInstances extends MapSubInstances0 with MapSubFunctions
  26. trait MapSubInstances0 extends MapSub
  27. sealed trait MapSubMap extends MapSub
  28. sealed trait MapSubSortedMap extends AnyRef
  29. trait OptionFunctions extends AnyRef
  30. trait OptionInstances extends OptionInstances0
  31. sealed trait OptionInstances0 extends AnyRef
  32. trait PartialFunctionInstances extends AnyRef
  33. trait SetFunctions extends AnyRef
  34. trait SetInstances extends AnyRef
  35. trait ShortFunctions extends AnyRef
  36. trait StreamFunctions extends AnyRef
  37. trait StreamInstances extends AnyRef
  38. trait StringFunctions extends AnyRef
  39. trait StringInstances extends AnyRef
  40. trait TryFunctions extends AnyRef
  41. trait TryInstances extends AnyRef
  42. trait TupleInstances extends TupleInstances2
  43. sealed trait TupleInstances0 extends AnyRef
  44. sealed trait TupleInstances1 extends TupleInstances0
  45. sealed trait TupleInstances2 extends TupleInstances1
  46. trait TypeConstraintInstances extends AnyRef
  47. trait VectorFunctions extends AnyRef
  48. trait VectorInstances extends VectorInstances0
  49. sealed trait VectorInstances0 extends AnyRef

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