package scalikejdbc

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Type Members

  1. type Closable = AnyRef { def close(): Unit }

  2. trait QueryDSLFeature extends AnyRef

    Query DSL

  3. trait SQLInterpolationCoreTypeAlias extends AnyRef

    Alias for interpolation-core elements.

  4. trait SQLInterpolationFeature extends Implicits with SQLInterpolationCoreTypeAlias

    Basic SQLInterpolation feature.

  5. trait SQLSyntaxSupportFeature extends AnyRef

    SQLSyntaxSupport feature

Value Members

  1. object SQLInterpolation extends SQLInterpolationFeature with SQLSyntaxSupportFeature with QueryDSLFeature

    SQLInterpolation full imports.

  2. object SQLSyntaxSupportFeature extends LogSupport

    SQLSyntaxSupport feature

  3. implicit def convertBigDecimal(bd: BigDecimal): ScalaBigDecimalConverter

  4. implicit def convertJavaSqlDateToConverter(t: Date): UnixTimeInMillisConverter

  5. implicit def convertJavaSqlTimeToConverter(t: Time): UnixTimeInMillisConverter

  6. implicit def convertJavaSqlTimestampToConverter(t: Timestamp): UnixTimeInMillisConverter

  7. implicit def convertJavaUtilDateToConverter(t: Date): UnixTimeInMillisConverter

  8. implicit def convertLocalTimeToConverter(t: LocalTime): LocalTimeConverter

  9. def opt[A](v: Any): Option[A]

  10. def using[R <: Closable, A](resource: R)(f: (R) ⇒ A): A

Deprecated Value Members

  1. val ExecutableSQLParser: SQLTemplateParser.type


    (Since version 1.4.0) ExecutableSQLParser renamed ifself SQLTemplateParser

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