package examples

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Type Members

  1. abstract class GraphStoreExample[Rdf <: RDF, Store] extends AnyRef

  2. trait IOExample extends IOExampleDependencies

  3. trait IOExampleDependencies extends RDFModule with RDFOpsModule with TurtleReaderModule with RDFXMLWriterModule

  4. trait SPARQLExample extends SPARQLExampleDependencies

  5. trait SPARQLExampleDependencies extends RDFModule with RDFOpsModule with SparqlOpsModule with SparqlHttpModule

Value Members

  1. object GraphExampleWithJena extends GraphStoreExample[Jena, Dataset]

  2. object GraphExampleWithSesame extends GraphStoreExample[Sesame, RepositoryConnection]

  3. object IOExampleWithJena extends IOExample with JenaModule

  4. object IOExampleWithSesame extends IOExample with SesameModule

  5. object SPARQLExampleWithJena extends SPARQLExample with JenaModule