Interface IPolynomialRing<Poly extends IPolynomial<Poly>>

    • Method Detail

      • nVariables

        int nVariables()
        Number of polynomial variables
      • factory

        Poly factory()
        Factory polynomial
      • variable

        Poly variable​(int variable)
        Creates poly representing a single specified variable
      • signum

        default int signum​(Poly element)
        Description copied from interface: Ring
        Returns -1 if element < 0, 0 if element == 0 and 1 if element > 0, where comparison is specified by, Object)
        Specified by:
        signum in interface Ring<Poly extends IPolynomial<Poly>>
        element - the element
        -1 if element < 0, 0 if element == 0 and 1 otherwise
      • parse

        default Poly parse​(String string,
                           String... variables)
        Parse poly from string using specified variables representation
      • mkCoder

        default Coder<Poly,​?,​?> mkCoder​(String... variables)
        Simple coder for this ring