Class UnivariateResultants.PolynomialRemainderSequence<E>

  • Enclosing class:

    public abstract static class UnivariateResultants.PolynomialRemainderSequence<E>
    extends UnivariateResultants.APolynomialRemainderSequence<UnivariatePolynomial<E>>
    Polynomial remainder sequence (PRS). It also implements abstract division rule, used to build PRS. At each step of Euclidean algorithm the polynomials qout, rem and coefficients alpha, beta are computed so that alpha_i r_(i - 2) = quot_(i - 1) * r_(i - 1) + beta_i * r_i where {r_i} is PRS.
    • Field Detail

      • alphas

        public final List<E> alphas
        alpha coefficients
      • betas

        public final List<E> betas
        beta coefficients
    • Method Detail

      • getSubresultants

        public final List<E> getSubresultants()
        Gives a list of scalar subresultant where i-th list element is i-th subresultant.
      • resultant

        public final E resultant()
        Resultant of initial polynomials