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close() - Method in class - package - package - package - package - package
createFormat(String, TableSchema) - Method in class
createTable(String, TableSchema, Params) - Method in class


DB_NAME - Static variable in interface
dropTable(String) - Method in class


execute(String) - Method in class


getBatchTable(String, Params, Long) - Method in class
getColNames(String) - Method in class
getDbTable(String) - Method in class
getHiveConfDir() - Method in class
getHiveVersion() - Method in class
getName() - Method in class
getPartition() - Method in interface
getPartitionCols(String) - Method in class
getPartitions() - Method in interface
getStreamTable(String, Params, Long) - Method in class
getTableSchema(String) - Method in class


hasColumn(String, String) - Method in class
hasTable(String) - Method in class
HIVE_CONF_DIR - Static variable in interface
HIVE_VERSION - Static variable in interface
HiveDB - Class in
Some pitfalls: 1) datanucleus-api-jdo-4.2.4.jar and datanucleus-core-4.1.17.jar plugin.xml conflict 2) flink config should: classloader.resolve-order: parent-first 3) Hive client version should match with the target Hive to the level of middle version number (like 2.3.0) Otherwise, the target Hive's schema version may be corrupted by the hive client (changed to 2.0.0 for example)
HiveDB(String, String, String) - Constructor for class
HiveDB(Params) - Constructor for class
HiveDBParams<T> - Interface in
HiveSinkBatchOp - Class in
HiveSinkBatchOp() - Constructor for class
HiveSinkBatchOp(Params) - Constructor for class
HiveSinkParams<T> - Interface in
HiveSourceBatchOp - Class in
HiveSourceBatchOp() - Constructor for class
HiveSourceBatchOp(Params) - Constructor for class
HiveSourceParams<T> - Interface in
HiveSourceStreamOp - Class in
HiveSourceStreamOp() - Constructor for class
HiveSourceStreamOp(Params) - Constructor for class


listTableNames() - Method in class


PARTITION - Static variable in interface
PARTITIONS - Static variable in interface


setDbName(String) - Method in interface
setHiveConfDir(String) - Method in interface
setHiveVersion(String) - Method in interface
setPartition(String) - Method in interface
setPartitions(String) - Method in interface
sinkBatch(String, Table, Params, Long) - Method in class
sinkFrom(BatchOperator) - Method in class
sinkStream(String, Table, Params, Long) - Method in class
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