Interface AndroidDebugBridge.IClientChangeListener

Enclosing class:

public static interface AndroidDebugBridge.IClientChangeListener

Classes which implement this interface provide methods that deal with Client changes.

Method Summary
 void clientChanged(Client client, int changeMask)
          Sent when an existing client information changed.

Method Detail


void clientChanged(Client client,
                   int changeMask)
Sent when an existing client information changed.

This is sent from a non UI thread.

client - the updated client.
changeMask - the bit mask describing the changed properties. It can contain any of the following values: Client.CHANGE_INFO, Client.CHANGE_DEBUGGER_STATUS, Client.CHANGE_THREAD_MODE, Client.CHANGE_THREAD_DATA, Client.CHANGE_HEAP_MODE, Client.CHANGE_HEAP_DATA, Client.CHANGE_NATIVE_HEAP_DATA

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