package colog

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  1. colog
  2. AnyRef
  3. Any
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Type Members

  1. trait HasLogger[F[_], E, M] extends AnyRef
  2. type Log[A, B] = LogT[Id, A, B]
  3. type LogIO[A, B] = LogT[IO, A, B]
  4. final case class LogRecord(severity: Severity, message: String, error: Option[Throwable]) extends Product with Serializable
  5. abstract case class LogT[F[_], A, B] extends Product with Serializable
  6. final class Logger[F[_], A] extends AnyRef
  7. trait Logging[F[_], E, A] extends AnyRef
  8. type MemLog[A, B] = WriterT[Id, Vector[A], B]
  9. type MemLogT[F[_], A, B] = WriterT[F, Vector[A], B]
  10. sealed abstract class Severity extends Product with Serializable
  11. type StructuredLog[F[_], A] = LogT[F, LogRecord, A]
  12. type StructuredLogIO[A] = LogT[IO, LogRecord, A]
  13. trait StructuredLogging[F[_], E] extends Logging[F, E, LogRecord]
  14. type Timestamped[A] = (Instant, A)

Value Members

  1. implicit val severityOrdering: Ordering[Severity]
  2. object HasLogger
  3. object LogRecord extends Serializable
  4. object LogT extends LogTFunctions with LogTEffectInstances with Serializable
  5. object Logger extends LoggerFunctions with LoggerInstances1
  6. object Loggers
  7. object Logging
  8. object Severity extends Serializable
  9. object implicits extends AllSyntax

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