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AbstractTree<T,S extends TreeGroup,U extends TreeLeaf> - Class in io.qameta.allure.tree
AbstractTree(S, TreeClassifier<T>, TreeGroupFactory<T, S>, TreeLeafFactory<T, S, U>) - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.tree.AbstractTree
add(T) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.AbstractTree
add(T) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.tree.Tree
addChild(TreeNode) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.AbstractTree
addChild(TreeNode) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.DefaultTreeGroup
addChild(TreeNode) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeGroup
addExtraBlock(String, Object) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
addLabel(String, String) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
addLabel(String, String) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithLabels
addLabelIfNotExists(LabelName, String) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
addLabelIfNotExists(String, String) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
addLabelIfNotExists(LabelName, String) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithLabels
addLabelIfNotExists(String, String) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithLabels
afterStages - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
aggregate(Configuration, List<LaunchResults>, Path) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.Aggregator
Process report data.
Aggregator - Interface in io.qameta.allure
Aggregator extension.
Attachment - Class in io.qameta.allure.entity
Attachment() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.entity.Attachment
attachments - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.StageResult
attachments - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Step


beforeStages - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
broken - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Statistic
buildName - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.ExecutorInfo
buildOrder - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.ExecutorInfo
buildUrl - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.ExecutorInfo


calculateStatisticByChildren(TestResultTreeGroup) - Static method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeUtils
calculateStatisticByLeafs(TestResultTreeGroup) - Static method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeUtils
classify(T) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeClassifier
comparator() - Static method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Statistic
comparingByTime() - Static method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
Configuration - Interface in io.qameta.allure.core
Report configuration.
contains(String) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.parser.XmlElement
containsAttribute(String) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.parser.XmlElement
Context<T> - Interface in io.qameta.allure
Report context.
ContextNotFoundException - Exception in io.qameta.allure.exception
Notified about missed context.
ContextNotFoundException(Class<?>) - Constructor for exception io.qameta.allure.exception.ContextNotFoundException
Creates an exception by given context type.
CopyVisitor - Class in io.qameta.allure.util
Visitor that recursive copies directories.
CopyVisitor(Path, Path) - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.util.CopyVisitor
create(Long) - Static method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Time
create(Long, Long) - Static method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Time
create(TestResultTreeGroup, String, TestResult) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultGroupFactory
create(TestResultTreeGroup, TestResult) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultLeafFactory
create(S, String, T) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeGroupFactory
create(S, T) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeLeafFactory
createGroupUid(String, String) - Static method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeUtils
cssFiles - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.PluginConfiguration


DefaultTreeGroup - Class in io.qameta.allure.tree
DefaultTreeGroup(String) - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.tree.DefaultTreeGroup
DefaultTreeLayer - Class in io.qameta.allure.tree
DefaultTreeLayer(String...) - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.tree.DefaultTreeLayer
DefaultTreeLayer(Collection<String>) - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.tree.DefaultTreeLayer
DefaultTreeLeaf - Class in io.qameta.allure.tree
DefaultTreeLeaf(String) - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.tree.DefaultTreeLeaf
description - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
description - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.PluginConfiguration
descriptionHtml - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
duration - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.GroupTime
duration - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Time


EnvironmentItem - Class in io.qameta.allure.entity
EnvironmentItem() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.entity.EnvironmentItem
error(String, Exception) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.ResultsVisitor
Notifies about error during results parse.
error(String) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.ResultsVisitor
Notifies about error during results parse.
ExecutorInfo - Class in io.qameta.allure.entity
ExecutorInfo() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.entity.ExecutorInfo
Extension - Interface in io.qameta.allure
Marker interface for all the extension points.
extensions - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.PluginConfiguration
extra - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult


failed - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Statistic
findAll(LabelName, Collector<String, ?, T>) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithLabels
findAll(String, Collector<String, ?, T>) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithLabels
findAll(LabelName) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithLabels
findAll(String) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithLabels
findAllLabels(LabelName, Collector<String, ?, T>) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
findAllLabels(String, Collector<String, ?, T>) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
findAllLabels(LabelName) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
findAllLabels(String) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
findNodeOfType(String, Class<T>) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeGroup
findOne(LabelName) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithLabels
findOne(String) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithLabels
findOneLabel(LabelName) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
findOneLabel(String) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
flaky - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.StatusDetails
FreemarkerContext - Class in io.qameta.allure.context
Context that stores freemarker configuration.
FreemarkerContext() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.context.FreemarkerContext
fullName - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult


get(Status) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Statistic
get(String) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.parser.XmlElement
getAggregators() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.Configuration
Returns all configured aggregators.
getAllResults() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.LaunchResults
Returns all test results, including hidden.
getAttachments() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.LaunchResults
Returns all attachments.
getAttachments() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.Summarizable
getAttachmentsCount() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.Summarizable
getAttribute(String) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.parser.XmlElement
getAttributes() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.parser.XmlElement
getChildren() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.parser.XmlElement
getChildren() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.AbstractTree
getChildren() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.DefaultTreeGroup
getChildren() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeGroup
getConfig() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.Plugin
getContext(Class<T>) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.Configuration
Resolve context by given type.
getData(Configuration, List<LaunchResults>) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.Widget
Returns widget data.
getDoubleAttribute(String) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.parser.XmlElement
getEndNodes(T, S, List<TreeLayer>, int) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.AbstractTree
getExtensions() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.Plugin
getExtra(String) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.LaunchResults
Returns extra info by given name.
getExtra(String, Supplier<T>) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.LaunchResults
getExtraBlock(String, T) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
getExtraBlock(String) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
getFirst(String) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.parser.XmlElement
getGroupNames() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.DefaultTreeLayer
getGroupNames() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeLayer
getLabels() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithLabels
getName() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.Nameable
getName() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.parser.XmlElement
getName() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.AbstractTree
getName() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.DefaultTreeGroup
getName() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.DefaultTreeLeaf
getName() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeNode
getName() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.Widget
Returns unique widget name.
getParameters() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.Parameterizable
getParameters() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.Summarizable
getParameters() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultTreeLeaf
getParameterValues() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.Parameterizable
getParentUid() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultTreeLeaf
getPlugins() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.Configuration
Returns all configured plugins.
getReaders() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.Configuration
Returns all configured readers.
getResults() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.LaunchResults
Returns not hidden test results.
getRootType() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.AbstractTree
getRootType() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultTree
getSource() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
getStatistic() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithStatistic
getStatus() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Statistic
getStatus() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.Statusable
getStatus() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultTreeLeaf
getStatusDetails() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.Summarizable
getStatusDetailsSafe() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
getStatusMessage() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
getSteps() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.Summarizable
getStepsCount() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.Summarizable
getTime() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.Timeable
getTime() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithGroupTime
getTime() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultTreeLeaf
getTimeSafe() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithGroupTime
getTotal() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Statistic
getUid() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultTree
getUid() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultTreeGroup
getUid() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultTreeLeaf
getValue() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.context.FreemarkerContext
getValue() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.Context
Returns the context value.
getValue() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.context.JacksonContext
getValue() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.context.MarkdownContext
getValue() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.context.RandomUidContext
getValue() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.parser.XmlElement
getWidgets() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.Configuration
Returns all configured widgets.
groupByLabels(TestResult, LabelName...) - Static method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeUtils
GroupTime - Class in io.qameta.allure.entity
GroupTime() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.entity.GroupTime


hasContent() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.Summarizable
hasExtraBlock(String) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
hasMessage(String) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.Summarizable
hidden - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
historyId - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult


id - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.PluginConfiguration
io.qameta.allure - package io.qameta.allure
io.qameta.allure.context - package io.qameta.allure.context
io.qameta.allure.core - package io.qameta.allure.core
io.qameta.allure.entity - package io.qameta.allure.entity
io.qameta.allure.exception - package io.qameta.allure.exception
io.qameta.allure.parser - package io.qameta.allure.parser
io.qameta.allure.tree - package io.qameta.allure.tree
io.qameta.allure.util - package io.qameta.allure.util
isFlaky() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultTreeLeaf
items - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeWidgetData
iterator() - Method in class io.qameta.allure.parser.XmlElement


JacksonContext - Class in io.qameta.allure.context
Context that stores pre-configured jackson mapper.
JacksonContext() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.context.JacksonContext
jsFiles - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.PluginConfiguration


Label - Class in io.qameta.allure.entity
Label() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.entity.Label
label(String) - Method in enum io.qameta.allure.entity.LabelName
LabelName - Enum in io.qameta.allure.entity
labels - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
LaunchResults - Interface in io.qameta.allure.core
Contains parsed results.
Link - Class in io.qameta.allure.entity
Link() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.entity.Link
links - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult


MarkdownContext - Class in io.qameta.allure.context
Markdown context.
MarkdownContext() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.context.MarkdownContext
maxDuration - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.GroupTime
merge(GroupTime) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.GroupTime
merge(Statistic) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Statistic
mergeStatistic(Statistic, Statistic) - Static method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeUtils
message - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.StatusDetails
minDuration - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.GroupTime


name - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Attachment
name - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.EnvironmentItem
name - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.ExecutorInfo
name - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Label
name - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Link
name - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Parameter
name - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.StageResult
name - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Step
name - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
name - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.PluginConfiguration
name - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeWidgetItem
Nameable - Interface in io.qameta.allure.entity


Parameter - Class in io.qameta.allure.entity
Parameter() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.entity.Parameter
Parameterizable - Interface in io.qameta.allure.entity
parameters - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.StageResult
parameters - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Step
parameters - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
passed - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Statistic
Plugin - Interface in io.qameta.allure.core
Base plugin interface.
PluginConfiguration - Class in io.qameta.allure
PluginConfiguration() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.PluginConfiguration
preVisitDirectory(Path, BasicFileAttributes) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.util.CopyVisitor


RandomUidContext - Class in io.qameta.allure.context
This context used to generate random uids for Allure results.
RandomUidContext() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.context.RandomUidContext
Reader - Interface in io.qameta.allure
Reader extension.
readResults(Configuration, ResultsVisitor, Path) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.Reader
Process results directory.
reportName - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.ExecutorInfo
reportUrl - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.ExecutorInfo
requireContext(Class<T>) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.Configuration
The same as Configuration.getContext(Class) but throws an exception if context doesn't present.
ResultsVisitor - Interface in io.qameta.allure.core
Visitor that stores results data to internal storage.
root - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.tree.AbstractTree


setChildren(Set<TreeNode>) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.DefaultTreeGroup
setLabels(List<Label>) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithLabels
setName(String) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.DefaultTreeGroup
setStatistic(Statistic) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithStatistic
setTime(GroupTime) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithGroupTime
setTotal(long) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Statistic
Do not use it manually.
setUid(String) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultTreeGroup
shouldDisplayMessage() - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.Summarizable
size - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Attachment
skipped - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Statistic
source - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Attachment
StageResult - Class in io.qameta.allure.entity
StageResult() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.entity.StageResult
start - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.GroupTime
start - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Time
Statistic - Class in io.qameta.allure.entity
Statistic() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.entity.Statistic
statistic - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeWidgetItem
status - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.StageResult
Status - Enum in io.qameta.allure.entity
status - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Step
status - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
Statusable - Interface in io.qameta.allure.entity
statusDetails - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.StageResult
StatusDetails - Class in io.qameta.allure.entity
StatusDetails() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.entity.StatusDetails
statusDetails - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Step
statusDetails - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
Step - Class in io.qameta.allure.entity
Step() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.entity.Step
steps - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.StageResult
steps - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Step
stop - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.GroupTime
stop - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Time
sumDuration - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.GroupTime
Summarizable - Interface in io.qameta.allure.entity


testId - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
TestResult - Class in io.qameta.allure.entity
TestResult() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
TestResultGroupFactory - Class in io.qameta.allure.tree
TestResultGroupFactory() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultGroupFactory
TestResultLeafFactory - Class in io.qameta.allure.tree
TestResultLeafFactory() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultLeafFactory
TestResultTree - Class in io.qameta.allure.tree
TestResultTree(String, TreeClassifier<TestResult>) - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultTree
TestResultTree(String, TreeClassifier<TestResult>, TreeGroupFactory<TestResult, TestResultTreeGroup>, TreeLeafFactory<TestResult, TestResultTreeGroup, TestResultTreeLeaf>) - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultTree
TestResultTreeGroup - Class in io.qameta.allure.tree
TestResultTreeGroup(String, String) - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultTreeGroup
TestResultTreeLeaf - Class in io.qameta.allure.tree
TestResultTreeLeaf(String, TestResult) - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultTreeLeaf
TestResultTreeLeaf(String, String, String, Status, Time, boolean, List<String>) - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.tree.TestResultTreeLeaf
testStage - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
time - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.StageResult
time - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Step
time - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
Time - Class in io.qameta.allure.entity
Time() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.entity.Time
Timeable - Interface in io.qameta.allure.entity
total - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeWidgetData
trace - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.StatusDetails
Tree<T> - Interface in io.qameta.allure.tree
TreeClassifier<T> - Interface in io.qameta.allure.tree
TreeGroup - Interface in io.qameta.allure.tree
TreeGroupFactory<T,S extends TreeGroup> - Interface in io.qameta.allure.tree
TreeLayer - Interface in io.qameta.allure.tree
TreeLeaf - Interface in io.qameta.allure.tree
TreeLeafFactory<T,S extends TreeGroup,U extends TreeLeaf> - Interface in io.qameta.allure.tree
TreeNode - Interface in io.qameta.allure.tree
TreeUtils - Class in io.qameta.allure.tree
TreeWidgetData - Class in io.qameta.allure.tree
TreeWidgetData() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeWidgetData
TreeWidgetItem - Class in io.qameta.allure.tree
TreeWidgetItem() - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeWidgetItem
type - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Attachment
type - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.ExecutorInfo
type - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Link


uid - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Attachment
uid - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.TestResult
uid - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeWidgetItem
unknown - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Statistic
unpackReportStatic(Path) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.Plugin
update(Timeable) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.GroupTime
update(Time) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.GroupTime
update(T, T, BiFunction<T, T, T>, Consumer<T>) - Static method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.GroupTime
update(Statusable) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Statistic
update(Status) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Statistic
updateStatistic(Statistic) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithStatistic
updateStatistic(Statusable) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithStatistic
updateStatistic(Statistic, TreeNode) - Static method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeUtils
updateStatisticRecursive(Statistic, TreeNode) - Static method in class io.qameta.allure.tree.TreeUtils
updateTime(GroupTime) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithGroupTime
updateTime(Timeable) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.entity.WithGroupTime
url - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.ExecutorInfo
url - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Link


value - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Label
value() - Method in enum io.qameta.allure.entity.LabelName
value - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.Parameter
value() - Method in enum io.qameta.allure.entity.Status
valueOf(String) - Static method in enum io.qameta.allure.entity.LabelName
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
valueOf(String) - Static method in enum io.qameta.allure.entity.Status
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values - Variable in class io.qameta.allure.entity.EnvironmentItem
values() - Static method in enum io.qameta.allure.entity.LabelName
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
values() - Static method in enum io.qameta.allure.entity.Status
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
visitAttachmentFile(Path) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.ResultsVisitor
Process attachment file.
visitExtra(String, Object) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.ResultsVisitor
Visit extra block.
visitFile(Path, BasicFileAttributes) - Method in class io.qameta.allure.util.CopyVisitor
visitTestResult(TestResult) - Method in interface io.qameta.allure.core.ResultsVisitor
Process test result.


Widget - Interface in io.qameta.allure
Widget extension.
WithGroupTime - Interface in io.qameta.allure.entity
WithLabels - Interface in io.qameta.allure.entity
WithStatistic - Interface in io.qameta.allure.entity


XmlElement - Class in io.qameta.allure.parser
XmlElement(Element) - Constructor for class io.qameta.allure.parser.XmlElement
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