Class ReportHTMLPrintVisitor

  extended by
      extended by

public class ReportHTMLPrintVisitor
extends ReportVisitor


* Uses the generated result tree instead of the result list. The visitor * traverses the tree and creates several html files. The "package view" file * (index.html) displays an overview of packages, classes and the number of * rule violations they contain. All the other html files represent a class * and show detailed information about the violations.

Constructor Summary
ReportHTMLPrintVisitor(String baseDir)
Method Summary
 void visit(AbstractReportNode node)
          The visit method (Visitor Pattern).
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Constructor Detail


public ReportHTMLPrintVisitor(String baseDir)
Method Detail


public void visit(AbstractReportNode node)
The visit method (Visitor Pattern). There are 3 types of ReportNodes: RuleViolation - contains a RuleViolation, Class - represents a class and contains the name of the class, Package - represents a package and contains the name(s) of the package.

visit in class ReportVisitor

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