Package net.sourceforge.pmd

This is the PMD programming mistake detector.


Interface Summary
NumericPropertyDescriptor<T> Defines a descriptor type whose instance values are required lie within specified upper and lower limits.
PMD.ProgressMonitor A callback that would be implemented by IDEs keeping track of PMD's progress as it evaluates a set of files.
PropertyDescriptor<T> Property value descriptor that defines the use & requirements for setting property values for use within PMD and any associated GUIs.
PropertyDescriptorFactory A factory to create PropertyDescriptors based on a map of values.
PropertySource Any entity that manages a list of properties is a PropertySource.
ReportListener Listener to be informed about found violations.
Rule This is the basic Rule interface for PMD rules.
RuleViolation A RuleViolation is created by a Rule when it identifies a violation of the Rule constraints.

Class Summary
AbstractConfiguration Base configuration class for both PMD and CPD.
AbstractPropertySource Base class for objects which can be configured through properties.
PMD This is the main class for interacting with PMD.
PMDConfiguration This class contains the details for the runtime configuration of PMD.
PropertyDescriptorFields Field names for parsing the properties out of the ruleset xml files.
Report A Report collects all informations during a PMD execution.
Report.ProcessingError Represents a processing error, such as a parse error.
Report.ReadableDuration Represents a duration.
Report.RuleConfigurationError Represents a configuration error.
Report.SuppressedViolation Represents a violation, that has been suppressed.
RuleChain The RuleChain is a means by which Rules can participate in a uniform visitation of the AST, and not need perform their own independent visitation.
RuleContext The RuleContext provides access to Rule processing state.
RuleSet This class represents a collection of rules along with some optional filter patterns that can preclude their application on specific files.
RuleSetFactory RuleSetFactory is responsible for creating RuleSet instances from XML content.
RuleSetReference This class represents a reference to RuleSet.
RuleSetReferenceId This class is used to parse a RuleSet reference value.
RuleSets Grouping of Rules per Language in a RuleSet.
RuleSetWriter This class represents a way to serialize a RuleSet to an XML configuration file.
RuleViolationComparator Compares RuleViolations using the following criteria: Source file name Begin line Description Begin column End line End column Rule name
SynchronizedReportListener Wraps a report listener in order to synchronize calls to it.

Enum Summary
RulePriority These are the possible Rule priority values.

Exception Summary
PMDException A convenience exception wrapper.

Package net.sourceforge.pmd Description

This is the PMD programming mistake detector. In order to use it, create a new instance of PMD and use its PMD.processFiles(net.sourceforge.pmd.PMDConfiguration, net.sourceforge.pmd.RuleSetFactory, java.util.Collection, net.sourceforge.pmd.RuleContext, net.sourceforge.pmd.PMD.ProgressMonitor) method.

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