Package org.cloudbus.cloudsim.datacenters

package org.cloudbus.cloudsim.datacenters
Provides Datacenter implementations, that represents a physical Cloud Datacenter and contains a set of Host that together provide the basic cloud infrastructure.

Each Datacenter has attributes that define its characteristics, such as the costs to use different physical resources from Hosts. These attributes are defined by a DatacenterCharacteristics object.

For each created Datacenter, a VmAllocationPolicy instance must be defined. This object decides which PM will host each Vm. The most basic VmAllocationPolicy is the VmAllocationPolicySimple.

All datacenter implementations are natively power-ware. Specific implementations can also be network-aware, enabling the simulation of network communication. There are specific network-aware versions for Hosts and VMs and a single kindle of such objects must be used for a simulation. For instance a network-aware simulation must use NetworkDatacenter, NetworkHost, NetworkVm and NetworkCloudlet.

Manoel Campos da Silva Filho
  • Class
    An interface to be implemented by each class that provides Datacenter features.
    An interface to be implemented by each class that represents the physical characteristics of a Datacenter.
    Represents static properties of a Datacenter such as architecture, Operating System (OS), management policy (time- or space-shared), cost and time zone at which the resource is located along resource configuration.
    Implements the basic features of a Virtualized Cloud Datacenter.
    An interface to be implemented by objects that are physically placed into some time zone, such as Datacenter and Vm.