Interface VerificationMode

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AtLeast, AtMost, Calls, InOrderWrapper, MockAwareVerificationMode, NoMoreInteractions, Only, Timeout, Times

public interface VerificationMode

Allows verifying that certain behavior happened at least once / exact number of times / never. E.g:

 verify(mock, times(5)).someMethod("was called five times");
 verify(mock, never()).someMethod("was never called");
 verify(mock, atLeastOnce()).someMethod("was called at least once");
 verify(mock, atLeast(2)).someMethod("was called at least twice");
 verify(mock, atMost(3)).someMethod("was called at most 3 times");
times(1) is the default and can be omitted

See examples in javadoc for Mockito.verify(Object, VerificationMode)

Method Summary
 void verify(VerificationData data)

Method Detail


void verify(VerificationData data)