package commands

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Type Members

  1. trait AggregationFramework[P <: SerializationPack] extends GroupAggregation[P] with SliceAggregation[P] with SortAggregation[P] with AggregationPipeline[P] with ChangeStreamAggregation[P] with AtlasSearchAggregation[P]

    Implements the Aggregation Framework.

    Implements the Aggregation Framework.

    See also


  2. final class AuthenticationRestriction extends AnyRef

    Authentication restriction for user (since MongoDB 3.6)

  3. sealed trait AuthenticationResult extends AnyRef

    An authentication result

  4. trait ChangeStreamAggregation[P <: SerializationPack] extends AnyRef

    Change stream

  5. trait CollectionCommand extends Command
  6. trait Command extends AnyRef
  7. trait CommandWithPack[P <: SerializationPack] extends AnyRef
  8. trait CommandWithResult[R] extends AnyRef
  9. sealed trait CursorFetcher[P <: SerializationPack, +C[_] <: Cursor[_]] extends AnyRef

    Fetches a cursor from MongoDB results.

    Fetches a cursor from MongoDB results.


    the type of the serialization pack


    the type of the cursor implementation

  10. final class DBUserRole extends UserRole

  11. sealed abstract class FailedAuthentication extends Exception with CommandException with AuthenticationResult with NoStackTrace

    A failed authentication result

    A failed authentication result

  12. trait FindAndModifyCommand[P <: SerializationPack] extends AnyRef
  13. trait MultiBulkWriteResultFactory[P <: SerializationPack] extends AnyRef
  14. final class ReplSetMember extends AnyRef

    Replica set member.

  15. final class ReplSetStatus extends AnyRef

    Result from the replSetGetStatus.

  16. final class ResolvedCollectionCommand[C <: CollectionCommand] extends Command

  17. sealed trait SuccessfulAuthentication extends AuthenticationResult

    A successful authentication result.

  18. trait UpsertedFactory[P <: SerializationPack] extends AnyRef
  19. sealed class UserRole extends AnyRef

    User role

  20. final class WriteConcernError extends AnyRef

  21. sealed trait WriteResult extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object AuthenticationRestriction
  2. object CommandException

    Error extractor for command results

  3. object DBUserRole
  4. object UserRole
  5. object WriteResult