package kamon

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AnyRef, Any
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Type Members

  1. implicit final class AtomicGetOrElseUpdateOnTrieMap [K, V] extends AnyVal

    Workaround to the non thread-safe [scala.collection.concurrent.TrieMap#getOrElseUpdate()] method.

    Workaround to the non thread-safe [scala.collection.concurrent.TrieMap#getOrElseUpdate()] method. More details on why this is necessary can be found at https://issues.scala-lang.org/browse/SI-7943.

  2. case class Environment (host: String, service: String, instance: String, incarnation: String, tags: Map[String, String]) extends Product with Serializable
  3. type JTags = Map[String, String]
  4. trait MetricReporter extends Reporter
  5. trait OnReconfigureHook extends AnyRef
  6. implicit final class PrettyPrintTags extends AnyVal
  7. sealed trait Reporter extends AnyRef
  8. trait ReporterRegistry extends AnyRef
  9. trait SpanReporter extends Reporter
  10. type Tags = Map[String, String]
  11. implicit final class UtilsOnConfig extends AnyVal

Value Members

  1. def numberedThreadFactory(name: String, daemon: Boolean = false): ThreadFactory
  2. def threadFactory(name: String, daemon: Boolean = false): ThreadFactory

    Creates a thread factory that assigns the specified name to all created Threads.

  3. object Environment extends Serializable
  4. object Kamon extends MetricLookup with ReporterRegistry with Tracer
  5. object ReporterRegistry

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