Package net.sourceforge.pmd.dcd.graph

Interface Summary
NodeVisitor Visitor for nodes in a UsageGraph.
NodeVisitorAcceptor Interface for how a node should accept a NodeVisitor.

Class Summary
ClassNode Represents a Class in a UsageGraph.
ClassNodeComparator Compares ClassNodes by the name of the class.
ConstructorNode Represents a Class Constructor in a UsageGraph.
FieldNode Represents a Class Field in a UsageGraph.
MemberNode<S extends MemberNode<S,T>,T extends Member> Represents a Class Member in a UsageGraph.
MemberNodeComparator Compares MemberNodes.
MethodNode Represents a Class Method in a UsageGraph.
NodeVisitorAdapter Adapter class for easy implementation of a NodeVisitor.
UsageGraph A UsageGraph tracks usage references between Java classes, based upon a parsing of the class files.
UsageGraphBuilder Utility class used to build a UsageGraph.

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