Package net.sourceforge.pmd.lang

Interface Summary
Language Interface each Language implementation has to implement.
LanguageVersionHandler Interface for obtaining the classes necessary for checking source files of a specific language.
Parser Common interface for calling tree-building parsers or source files.
TokenManager Common interface for interacting with parser Token Managers.
VisitorStarter Interface for starting an implementation of the visitors for ASTs.
XPathHandler Interface for performing Language specific XPath handling, such as initialization and navigation.

Class Summary
AbstractLanguageVersionHandler This is a generic implementation of the LanguageVersionHandler interface.
AbstractParser This is a generic implementation of the Parser interface.
BaseLanguageModule Created by christoferdutz on 21.09.14.
LanguageFilenameFilter This is an implementation of the FilenameFilter interface which compares a file against a collection of Languages to see if the any are applicable.
LanguageRegistry Created by christoferdutz on 20.09.14.
LanguageVersion Created by christoferdutz on 21.09.14.
LanguageVersionDiscoverer This class can discover the LanguageVersion of a source file.
ParserOptions Represents a set of configuration options for a Parser.

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