package intersection

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Type Members

  1. class Aabb extends AnyRef

    Axis aligned bounding box.

  2. class Aabr extends AnyRef

    Axis aligned bounding box.

  3. class Frustum extends AnyRef

    TODO add specialized intersection tests that return and reuse information about "safe" planes.

  4. class Obb extends AnyRef

    Oriented bounding box.

  5. class Plane extends AnyRef

  6. class Ray extends AnyRef

    Ray is defined as a directed line segment starting at the origin and ending at (origin + direction).

  7. class Sphere extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Aabb

  2. object Aabr

  3. object Collision

    Collision values.

  4. object Frustum

  5. object Obb

  6. object Plane

  7. object Ray

  8. object Test

    TODO Use Separating Axis Test for collision detection.